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WelCome Message

The name and fame of Chakmoiram model high school is widely cerculated troughout the country for its significant results. The school is situated in a remote village but Pourasobha. Most of the students of this institution are from middle and lower middle class family. They can not afford to admit their off springs in a famous school in Dhaka or anyother dristrict. Considering this, being headmaster I have a strong mission and vision about my Institution. I want to make the Institution similar as national and International standard . Besides exam,oriented teaching I want to add base development, Programme which includes spoken and writing skills current affairs, IQ development and imprvement of students aptitude and behabiour attitude. I want to establish it as a highest seat of learning in Northern region of the country.I want to develope students jeal,grit and mental courage. I want to reshuffle and revamp the teaching strategy modusoperandi of teaching must be developed updated and international oriented. So I seek co-operation from all seetion of the society, so that I can translate my mission and vision into reality.

Head Master
Chakmoiram Model High School